Visitor information

Opening hours:

Flights information daily from 9 am to 8 pm
by 7 days a week.

Flights depend on weather conditions and take place everyday during whole year. Sometimes we fly even after 10 pm and later.

Notice: before coming please call the ticket Office if we operate. All flight are dependant on weather conditions and may be cancelled at short notice

Minimum Flying time: 10 min

Technical data

Passengers capacity:
Passengers capacity depends on a wind speed, temperature and air pressure. The pilot monitors the weather conditions during every flight and decides how many people are allowed to enter the gondola for the next flight.

Maximum windspeed for flight operation: 12,5 m/s (24 kts) (44,5 km/h)

Gas: helium - 5900m3

Highest flight position: 186m

Balloon diameter: 22m

Gondola diameter: 6m

Diameter of steel cable: 22mm

Steel tenfold security: 10